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  • Classify your curve type and understand your individual needs

  • Build strength and better breathing in your best alignment

  • Create a stretching program customized to you

  • Integrate core exercises specific for scoliosis

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Claim Your Curve

Understand your curve and where to start to improve your alignment and breathing

Learn how to:

  • Understand conservative treatments for scoliosis and spinal fusion

  • Classify your curve type and understand your individual needs

  • Build strength and better breathing in your best alignment

Core Control with Scoliosis

Build a strong core with the RIGHT core exercises for your specific curve

Learn how to:

  • Understand why core strengthening is important for scoliosis and spinal fusion

  • Learn how to adapt and which core exercises to avoid if you have scoliosis or spinal fusion

  • Create a core program based on exercises that are the most effective for your individual curve.

Stretching with Scoliosis

Tailor your stretching and mobility program specific to you for the most pain relief

Learn how to:

  • Learn how to stretch safely with scoliosis

  • Understand how to adapt your program if you're hypermobile

  • Follow easy steps to analyze your own flexibility and create a stretching program as unique as you!

Not sure where to start with your scoliosis strength training?

Meet with our scoliosis specialist physical therapist Dr. Beth for a 30-minute session(s). She'll guide you through the courses or answer your burning questions about scoliosis or spinal fusion

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Meet Your Instructor

Beth Terranova, PT, DPT

I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager. Not long after, I was introduced to competing in Olympic weightlifting. Over my career, I battled imbalances due to my own scoliosis. Those experiences helped mold my career as a physical therapist. I trained as a Schroth physical therapist to help those with specific scoliosis exercises.

I started Strength and Spine because I realized there were few PTs or personal trainers that really understood scoliosis. Being active always made my scoliosis feel amazing, so I wanted to share that with people everywhere.

Have questions about our courses? Email me at and I’ll help you!

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